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Our online dispensary carries only the highest quality nutriceuticals.  We have all heard the news stories of nutriceutical companies and their questionable manufacturing processes.  The professional brands we carry meet the strongest manufactoring process.  What does that mean to you?  It means that the bottle of vitamin B6 50 mg you purchased, not only contains B6, but also 50 mg of it!  It also means the manufacturing is held accountable for:

  • Acceptable supplier and contract Brand qualification consisting of: demonstrated cGMP compliance as well as regular on-site audits or established historical relationship. Further, certificate of analyses for Raw Materials and Finished Products are initially validated by conducting full confirmation testing on several subsequent receipts.
  • SOP demonstration of controlled manufacturing processes for all Finished Products and cGMP processes.
  • Specifications for all Raw Material and Finished Products and documented usage of these specifications.
  • Use of most appropriate testing methodologies when testing for identity, microbiologicals, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides (for botanicals), aflatoxins (when applicable), melamine (when applicable), and residual solvents.
  • Raw Material testing on each batch or at a frequency justified with written rationale inclusive of:  In addition to supplier Certificate of Analysis, identity is tested on each batch of raw materials or finished product and all other analytical tests (microbiology, heavy metals, pesticides/herbicides (non-organic), solvents (concentrates), and adulterants are completed on at least every 5th batch/lot, or if less than 5 lots, at least once annually. Each ingredient (or product) must be tested according to an established risk-based testing program.
  • Re-qualification of Contract Brands by questionnaire and/or site audit at least every 3 years
  • Potency testing procedure for finished products in place and in use
  • Evident industry knowledge of common adulterants and contaminants, and sufficient testing to guarantee the absence of these adulterants and contaminants in finished products and disqualification of suppliers of adulterated ingredients.
Our many years of clinical experience allows us to pick the best and most effective nutriceuticals in the industry for you.  We want to make sure what we prescribe is exactly what you are getting!